George Kelly fine Jewelry in Sedona Arizona

A fresh take on personal adornment...

George Kelly Fine Jewelry, in the heart of Sedona, Arizona, is awash in dazzling light that dances off an array of stunning original contemporary jewelry fashioned in gold, silver, palladium and precious stones. You will also find handsome fine leather purses, wallets and brief-cases in a vibrant array of colors, beautifully set off in brightly lit alcoves throughout the store.

Visitors from all over the world quickly become old friends at George Kelly and stop in to see what's new when they come to Sedona. For the designs by resident master jeweler George Preschler are always fresh and exciting. Nothing stays the same.

To George, design is everything. It's personal and intimate. He would describe himself as one who is not swayed by a passing trend. He is a designer of fine jewelry who listens to his inner prompts, gets inspired, sketches his designs and just begins. The result? Stunning, one-of-a-kind fabrications that exude a contemporary feeling built on an understanding of classic architectural lines and shapes.

Precision, superb detailing and engineering artistry describe the George Kelly collection. From his early years as a watchmaker and later influences by German and Swiss jewelers, George has developed a captivating style all his own. The owner of any George Kelly jewelry can be assured that their piece is not only distinctive and original, but sure to make a statement.

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Custom made jewelry in Sedona AZ.

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